About us

We are nerds, geeks and farmers in Burien, a few hundred meters from Seattle, under the landing pattern of Seatac's third runway. Sarah works at Pacific Science Center by day, caring for butterflies and marine animals. David is a maker and a fixer, inventing new ideas and keeping things working. Noah is a student, Tenderfoot scout, beekeeper and rabid math fanatic. We come home and care for bees, ducks, goats, chickens, plants, fish and a corn snake.
"my food" said the goats

David and Sarah met the day Sarah moved to Seattle. The first date was also David's first beekeeping experience, and a bit of  a disaster. The second date was a fruit tree buying expedition.

Gloria, the Glory Goat, contemplates a tree
We added chickens right away, then goats, bees, and ducks. Our home is in an invisible part of town - you can drive right past it and never know how much is happening behind our giant laurel hedge. 

For one brief, shining moment, the pond is clean
We didn't put them there - the goats squeeze themselves in

We have our own measures of success. Sometimes an egg or a potato is cherished as more than produce.

The duck eggs are matted with straw and mud. The hen eggs are pristine. Each tells the story of how that bird approaches life.

A potato field in bloom has a modest beauty, rarely mentioned but restful to they eye, and promising a full belly later.

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