Friday, October 3, 2014

Crimson Clover - an ode and tribute

It’s already October - the main harvest is over
And the rain’s a harsh lover when soil is uncovered

Will erosion take over? Can the weeds all get smothered?
It’s time to discover, my one favorite cover:

Crimson Clover, Over and Over

When the long stems of barley  just seem too darned gnarly
When you want rhizome action, and break up soil compaction
If you want some good forage that’s not fuzzy like borage
It’s too cold for buckwheat and you shout out, oh  f#@& wheat
It’s too tall for my mower just give me that clover!

Crimson clover, over and over

It attracts pollinators you’ll be glad for them later
If your soils acid, lime it and you need a mild climate
Just broadcast and plant it then take it for granted
Till in spring you discover the most beautiful clover!

Crimson Clover, over and over!