Lawn to garden project

Before we knew we were doing this project, we built these handy dandy stairs up the hillside. This kicked off a series of additional projects.

Stage one - we remove the sod from 3000 square feet of lawn and stack it up into retaining walls to terrace our gently sloping front lawn.

Stage two - test run of a proposed giant worm farm. Worm composting should be trouble free, but producing 11 cubic yards of it could be a nightmare if it turned smelly. So - try a small amount first.

lawn-conversion-stage-two-in-place-worm farm

Stage three - tree removal. An old, falling apart mountain ash was blocking light and dropping random limbs onto the lawn. It had to go.

As autumn sets in, we see signs of new growth and life. The wood chips we used to cover the worm farm are starting to break down into soil. And so far no one - not even us - has had complaints.

Hooray! The trees are established to the point of making new leaves, and the smaller plants are going nuts. It still looks a bit meager but we see where it will end up and it's great.

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