Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chasing Lightning

Lightning, our mini-Oberhasli kid, is always into one thing or another. 

A few months ago, she broke her leg. http://severalgardens.blogspot.com/2012/07/exploring-several-gardens.html

At the time, we thought it was a fluke. The vet thought her leg had been caught in something; perhaps in a door jamb or other heavy, moving object. It could have happened to any baby goat.

Or so we thought...

As time goes on, we aren't so sure. Did Lightning have an accident, or is she actively looking for trouble? A typical day in her life involves getting into a lot of places.

 She drives the ducks crazy by jumping on their roof in the morning. 
She walks along the ledge above the milk stand, and sticks her head out through the polycarbonate window

She gets up into the tree house. She likes to go up there and then cry till someone plays with her.
Meggie stands at the manger to eat; Lightning stands on top of it.

Old spools were invented for young goats like Lightning

Apparently so were trees

If Lightning wasn't so adorable, she would drive us crazy.

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