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The Bee: Part I, what is the bee, bee colony and fun facts, ding.

these are honeybees the big one towards the center is the queen
Please welcome Noah, son of regular author Sarah, for his debut on this blog  .

     Hello I am a new author for this blog and for my first story story/post I will be talking about bees as a hive, individual and just in general the common bee that is kept in hives. The honeybee or Apis melllifera. So to begin bees are arthropods which are a group of animals that all have jointed body parts and a exoskeleton, some examples are spiders, bees, butterflies, crabs, scorpions etc. More precisely bees are insects which are arthropods with 6 legs. So bees, ants, butterflies etc. 

So enough with that now I bet you want to know some interesting things about bees. You may have heard that bees live in hives that are made of wax organized in hexagonal cell's. Ok where to start hhhhmm, well bees can't see red but
this is me the author who is the kid in usually green
they can see ultra-violet. Ooohhhh. Now some of you the people who are reading this might bee wondering, hahahah do you get that! No of course nobody does. Ok what is ultra-violet. simply put it is a color beyond what humans can see. Also you are probably wondering why do they kneed to be able to see ultra-violet, well because flowers have ultraviolet markings on them giving instructions on how to get nectar and pollen. 

Also some of you might be wondering, gee when is this kid going to tell us how to take care of  bees? Well for you just read and you will find out. For those who wonder "why should I trust this guy he is a kid for crying out loud?" Well I have been taught by my dad who sometimes has 50 colonies, I have gone to many a bee keeping meeting, have a certificate that states I am an apprentice level which is the same as my dad and I have been beekeeping for almost half my life. 

Ha so there! 
this what are family calls the bee tree which ha tons of different kinds of bees pollinating it
this is one of my dads bee colony sites

Another interesting thing is that all honey bee stings have barbs on them meaning that when they sting and the bee flies away the stinger stays, pulling out the bee's gut, killing the bee but meaning that the stinger pumps venom through the stinger until there is no venom left or the stinger is out. This brings up the question, how do you get a stinger out? Whatever you don't try to pull it out it will just pump more venom into you :(  .Bad idea. So what you should do is swipe the stinger out. 

Bees have 3 different types in the colony. The drone or male who does not have a stinger and is bigger than worker bees. His only purpose in life is to mate with other colony's queens and once he has mated he dies (look I don't know why he dies, I will ask my dad!). 

Then the most common the worker bee which is all girls. These have stingers do all the jobs except laying eggs. Finally and most important the queen who is the biggest and the fattest of them all. A queen starts as a regular larvae except she gets fed so much royal jelly. 

Right before she comes out 2 things happen. 1 - The old queen high tails out of there in a swarm which is when the hive is overpopulated so not all the workers get the queens pheromone meaning they make queens, so the queen leaves unless she wants to die. Because the workers make multiple queens at once so they know they got a good queen because, 2-When the new queens are ready to come out they beat their wings against their cell wall or the piping. So only one queen per colony which means one queen survives by being the last one standing. 

Now you are probably like this if you are new to bees, "but you said that bees' stingers have barbs that make it stay in their target." Well that was kind of incorrect, the queens stinger doesn't (because she is the queen), also bees stingers don't stick in other insects or in arthropods in general.
queen cell frame thing
Something my dad just told me is bees generate an electrical charge which makes the pollen attracted onto the bee. Also honey is basically partially solidified bee vomit.Gross huh. Now you are probably want to know what is a colony already!!!!!!!!!!! Basically a colony is a group of bee's that when healthy has 60 to 80 thousand bees in it. There that is what it is. Done. So now I  done.


Thank you thank you this is the end of my guest author debut

Feel free to post any comments or questions about bees or other topics including things you think we should write about or spelling or grammar issues

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